Thursday, December 17, 2009

Displaying OSGi bundle informations in the Windows Explorer

I am currently working on a small Windows Shell Extension that will help to get a quick overview on all the OSGi bundles in the currently browsed folder.

The following features will be supported:

  • Detail columns for all bundle headers
  • Additional Property sheet for bundle files and unpacked bundle folders
  • Overlay icons to display various informations: if the bundle has Service Components, is a fragment or a normal bundle
  • Tooltips with the most important bundle headers
The extension can already read out the default Bunde-l10n. However there is no support for reading out the l10n matching the current Windows locale yet. In the future I plan to support Windows Search 4 and Vista and allow them to find bundles based on their OSGi manifest. I will upload the extension soon to github and everybody is invited to provide feedback. The source package will include documented classes and unit-tests (using googletest) maybe I will create a small tutorial about this later.


  1. Nifty stuff. Looks very nice already! Reading the bundle l10n is something I still have to implement in my OS X QuickLook generator.

  2. Really nice ! Looking forward to the code, I've been trying to implement the same thing for Maven artifacts a while back but I wasn't fluent enough with Win32 C++ ^^